• August 10, 2023
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Bang Graphix Technologies is offering free branded t-shirts to everyone, not necessarily a client, but any one who is able to follow the procedures as stated below.

  1. DOWNLOAD This flyre and save it on your phone. Download it by clicking here
  2. POST it on your whatsapp status on Friday evening. 5:00 to 6:00pm. (With no caption.)
  3. Take a screenshot of your post on Saturday , 4:00pm, showing the views you got on our post.
  4. Send the screenshot to our whatsapp 0754714999.
  5. Lastly, you have to follow our twitter account and share a screenshot on the smae number above. Follow us here
  6. A team from Bang Graphix will look through and give a reward to you on Sunday morning.

12 Tshirts are available for OFFER. 6 Blue, for boys, and 6 Pink, for girls. 

Terms and Conditions Apply.

For any questions, please, send your querry in the comment box below.

We wish you luck!

10 comments on “T-SHIRT OFFER

  1. It is talent,hardwork and determination that has brought you this far thanks for the good work @banggraphix

  2. Bang Grphix Techologies is currently trending top IT & web design website in Western Uganda that provides ICT services & ultra modern technologies.
    I really love the PRODUCTS from the CEO of Bang Graphix Technologies which include; fliers, posters, website developing and hosting.

  3. Gilbert and the group
    Thanks for the work done.
    I pray that may God fulfill your wishes nanye anyambe after my course nkole IT nkeiwe 😂😂

  4. Bang what you are doing is really the best and not that anyone can do it, i wish you the best and may God continue blessing the works of your hands

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