On the 07th of July 2023, Bang Graphix Technologies was hired to design a corporate website for Paul and Farmers Dairy Solutions.
Paul and Farmers Dairy solution deals in purchasing milk from farmers and selling to the bigger dairy farm in this case is Amos Dairies limited. The Paul and Farmers dairy solutions  started Diary activities in 2018  where they would collect milk  and sell at a profit. They established goals and a strategy for the coming five years. The Proprietor considered short-term actions needed to prepare the dairy  to meet its long-term objectives and assessed long-term impacts of short-term plans. In addition, because a Diary’s main business is milk, the plan must provide a basis for financial strategy and a control device against which to compare actual progress. Findings from an internal review formed the basis for the plan objectives and portrayed the Dairy’s strengths and weaknesses.

The farmers’ participation in setting and implementing the strategies indicates that they are responsible for accomplishing them and will use measurable parameters to monitor performance. This approach helps the Dairy   attain a higher level of preparedness in the face of external challenges. This helps to increase levels of operational efficiency that will result in better service to its customers.


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