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Gilbert Nabaasa is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Bang Graphix Technololgies. He is a Certified Google Analytics I.T Professional, Creative Website Developer, Graphic Designer and Systems Administrator.


Gilbert Nabaasa is a dynamic and skilled professional with expertise in various domains of information technology, including Google Analytics, website development, graphic design, and systems administration. With a keen eye for aesthetics, Gilbert combines technical proficiency with creative flair to deliver exceptional digital solutions. His diverse skill set enables him to navigate seamlessly between analytics, design, and system management, making him a versatile asset for any project or organization.

Professional Experience:

Certified Google Analytics I.T Professional:
Gilbert holds a prestigious certification in Google Analytics, showcasing his proficiency in analyzing data and extracting valuable insights for optimizing digital strategies. He is adept at implementing and customizing Google Analytics to track website performance, user behavior, and marketing campaign effectiveness.

Creative Website Developer:
With a passion for web development, Gilbert brings innovation to every project. His expertise includes front-end and back-end development, ensuring not only visually appealing websites but also seamless functionality. Whether it’s crafting responsive designs or implementing the latest web technologies, Gilbert’s commitment to excellence shines through in his web development projects.


Graphic Designer:
Gilbert’s artistic flair extends to graphic design, where he combines his technical skills with a creative mindset. From logos and branding to marketing collateral and user interfaces, he creates visually stunning designs that resonate with target audiences. His designs not only capture attention but also convey the intended message effectively.

Systems Administrator:
In the realm of systems administration, Gilbert demonstrates a strong command over network infrastructure, security protocols, and server management. His proactive approach to system maintenance ensures smooth operations, and his problem-solving skills make him adept at addressing any technical challenges that may arise.

Key Skills:
– Google Analytics Implementation and Analysis
– Website Development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP)
– Graphic Design (Adobe Creative Suite)
– Systems Administration (Linux, Windows Server)
– Responsive and User-Centric Design
– SEO Optimization
– Network Infrastructure Management
– Problem-Solving and Troubleshooting


Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology:
Gilbert’s academic background includes a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology, providing him with a solid foundation in the principles and theories that underpin his technical expertise.

Portfolio Highlights:
– Successfully implemented Google Analytics for multiple clients, resulting in improved data-driven decision-making.
– Designed and developed responsive websites for diverse industries, enhancing user experience and engagement.
– Created visually appealing graphics for branding, marketing, and user interface design.
– Implemented robust systems administration protocols, ensuring the security and efficiency of network infrastructure.

Aesthetic Vision:
Beyond technical expertise, Gilbert possesses a unique aesthetic sense that sets his work apart. His designs are not only functional but also visually captivating, reflecting his commitment to creating digital experiences that leave a lasting impression.

Gilbert Nabaasa is a Certified Google Analytics I.T Professional, Creative Website Developer, Graphic Designer, and Systems Administrator, bringing a rare blend of technical prowess and artistic vision to the realm of information technology. With a track record of successful projects and a commitment to excellence, Gilbert is poised to contribute significantly to any organization’s digital success.

Professional Skills

Software Development 80%
Graphic Design 94%
Digital Marketing 89%
Web Development 90%
Cyber Security 84%